AUTUMN SERIES: Change and growth

These paintings were all painted during an inspired time of transition between Autumn and Winter.

A time where skies turn grey and people turn inward, both physically and mentally. A time to think about where we are going to and where we actually want to go.
In Autumn the old and worn dies in order to leave space for the new and fresh to grow and thrive.

acrylic and collage on canvas – 73 x 50cm
The economic situation may dry up old habits and routines, leading to a time of uncertainty. A time to recreate one’s life, and what one could expect out of what was given. The dried up leaves, which are disconnected from the green tree, represent a discontinuity from a previous hearty life. Notwithstanding these insecurities, I personally felt optimistic about my future. This confidence can be experienced through my choice of colours used. Warm gold reflects a richness in life experience possibilities, whereas umber represents sober-mindedness.

acrylic and collage on canvas – 30 x 30cm each (sold)
Spring and Summer flow into Autumn and Winter, and then it starts all over again.
In this painting I have continued this theme by using the same selection of leaves collected from the Passeig del Born in Barcelona. Greens, bright golds, darker golds and umber flow into each other just as lightheartedness and cheerfulness flow into a melancholic meditation. This meditation leads one to evaluate one’s life, leading to ideas, which in turn lead to excitement, life and cheerfulness once again.

TWO DROPS (sold)
acrylic and collage on canvas – 40 x 40cm
Its Autumn, everything is changing and two drops bring inspiration on whatever of the fertile soil they fall upon.. two drops, two circles and many, many ideas…

acrylic on canvas – 120 x 40cm
In continuation with the theme of Autumn and personal growth, I painted JOURNEY. During this period two very important new phases of my life were on the horizon. Two thousand and ten: the year that I would get married and straight after that I would start a new artistic enterprise. This road ahead of me was filled with promise and inspiration.

Painted: November & December 2009