The Tower of Babel: Culture, Prejudice and me.

Face made up from the following features:
Rita’s eyes and chin (Lebanon), V’s nose (Thailand), Guelang’s mouth (Korea),
on Soleil’s face and hair (Malaysian-Dutch)

Installation with animation
In this project I created faces using the elements from the Metafora international workshop students and tutors.

Interestingly, each face creates a new personality, often very different from that of the students and tutors represented. How do  subjects perceive their own facial features when removed from a cohesive whole?

What do our facial features say about us? How do we look like to others and now, what do we look like to ourselves?

The Red Room

The installation was set up in a very confined space with a strong red light, a projector which gave off lots of heat, many hidden mirrors and a web cam capturing the visitors on the live feed and shown on a laptop not immediately visible.

The chair was placed in the far end of the ‘closet’, thus being used as an incentive for the visitors to walk into the end. Once the visitor got close to the chair s/he would see polaroid pictures taken of him/her whilst being totally unaware. This was done to create a sense of alienation and out of body experience. When moving away from these photos the visitor would catch a glimse of him/herself on the laptop’s live feed.

Are those really my eyes?

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