Relocation and Duality – two sided portraits of Jeni

A fun alternative shot in contradiction to the more somber and thoughtful photos shown in my previous set… Which makes me think that relocation (or any big change for that matter) can be fun and adventurous once we decide to see it that way :-)

Relocation: Thesaurus Definition: migration
Synonyms: colonization, crossing, defection, departure, displacement, exile, exodus, expatriation, homesteading, journey, leaving, march, movement, moving, peregrination, reestablishment, relocation , removal, resettlement, settling, shift, transplanting, travel, trek, uprooting, voyage, wandering

Pros and Cons, two paths, staying put or moving forward

Duality: Thesaurus Definition: two of something
Synonyms: brace, combination, combine, combo, couple, deuce, doublet, duality , duo, dyad, match, mates, span, team, twins, two, two of a kind, twosome, yoke

… Yet here, one has to choose one path, divide the yoke and move on.

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