Merged: Creating Races from International Faces

I’ve got an idea! An I’d like this idea to become a series which I will be calling The Merged Series.
The first installment is taken from my Babel Project with a change in focus (the project originally was an installation).


Click on the images above to enlarge them.

Merging faces makes me think. What does each of our facial features says about us? What does it say about where we come from and where our ancestors originally came from?

In Creating Races from International Faces I created faces made from students from all over the world. By doing so, I got myself thinking about races and where races comes from. Although we often take races as a generalised whole, most of us are made up of various races and this is what makes each one of us unique and exotic. Some of us are 100% unmixed as you could say, and isn’t this also very interesting and curious?

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