Merged: Related

As an offshoot from my Merged Series, I am creating a new series which is called Related.

The basic idea is the same, i.e. merging different faces together, but the concept here is different. This isn’t a study on races and where we originally came from, this is shorter term and more direct: the similarities and differences that lie within each family member. In my personal life I am currently seeing many of my friends having children and I am always interested in the way children might look like a combination of their parents or grandparents – or look totally different and look like their more distant relatives.

In this project I merge the faces of family members, be it grandmothers, with mothers and daughters, or cousins, or siblings thus creating a series of alternative family portraits. In these portraits all members add up to one familiar, yet unexpected and unknown new person – with the personality these facial features entail.

The first series of photos belongs to my husband’s family.

Click on the images below to view them and the original photos I had taken of them enlarged.

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