New abstract painting: (Emotional) Tempest

Last week I had an argument. This does not happen much so I felt full of emotions that I couldn’t explain to myself. I let go of this energy by painting this triptych called (Emotional) Tempest which depicts the progress of a sea storm. Although the painting is abstract, I think it conveys the ferocity and unbalance of a sea storm clearly and strongly. One can read the storm’s progress from left to right or from right to left.

Although ferocious and full of life, the storm’s strength eventually tires out and dies down, leaving space to a fragile, unstable, and yet purified, strong and mature situation which in my case lead to recovery and growth.

(Emotional) Tempest
Acrylic on Canvas
90cm x 30xm (each canvas is 30cm x 30cm)

Click on Read More to view thumbnails to see closeups of the painting.

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