Art Madrid: Contemporary art fair

This week I went to Madrid, Spain’s capital to visiting upcoming contemporary art fairs Art Madrid and Just Madrid…

This post shows my favorites from Art Madrid, where many of my favourite artists were represented by Galería Tres Punts in Barcelona… Such as Samuel Salcedo, who’s works are often shown in my blog… Enjoy ;)

samuel-salcedo3 samuel-salcedo2 samuel-salcedo raquel-de-prada2 raquel-de-prada manuel-mediavilla5 manuel-mediavilla4 manuel-mediavilla3 manuel-mediavilla2 manuel-mediavilla  manolo-oyonarte2 manolo-oyonarte malinsky malinsky-group leticia-elgueroso jose-ramon-lozano jose-cobo2 jose-cobo heli-garcia gustavo-diaz-sosa2 gustavo-diaz-sosa2-detail gustavo-diaz-sosa-group gustavo-diaz-sosa-detail gomez-chao gomez-chao-detail eduardo-sanz chilida cantabella2 cantabella 2013-02-14 13.32.59 2013-02-14 13.29.49 2013-02-14 13.28.02 2013-02-14 13.27.50  2013-02-14 13.03.58 2013-02-14 12.39.56 2013-02-14 12.29.45 2013-02-14 12.28.20 2013-02-14 12.28.10

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