The ring installation is covered with mirrors. This mirrored surface brings what is “up there” to the ground. They reflect the lit up sky above and contrast it with the rough, dusty ground below.
An uncontrolled and totally site specific phenomenon is the Discourse between the installation and the low lying sun rays coming through at this time of the day. This interaction creates a glow of light on the matte ground furthering the ring’s communication with this site.
In this photo you can see the way the ring has been cut and mounted to reflect longitude and latitude lines, it’s North marker and how the sun’s rays come from the West. .
Art installation and photography by #alexiamedici during her #artistresidencyinmotherhood – Also on #unfilteredbeauty #ephemeral #ephemeralart #installationart #sitespecificinstallation #installationshot #thediscourseartproject #ring #mirror #sunset #e_a_g #aquietstyle #theartofslowliving #photooftheday #geology #maltesestone #erosion #lovenaturesbeauty #somewheremagazine #nofilterneeded via Instagram

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