“L’últim passatge”

an artistic tribute to the evicted residents of Passatge de Piera and Colònia Castells 19/1/19

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This project has been conceived as a tribute to a community that came to Barcelona in 1923, during the years of economic and urban growth, to work on the construction boom that was generated as a result of the Universal Exhibition of 1929. A community , that almost 100 years later, is in the final phase of its eviction and awaiting the imminent demolition of their homes.

L’últim passatge (en: the last passage) is an intimate, ephemeral exhibition, the result of informal conversations held with neighbours of Passatge de Piera and Colònia Castells, on the terrace of their local bar: Bar Byrris. During these meetings we talked about how life was in the Colònia, the intimate relationship between neighbours and the process of eviction and relocation to new apartments in the streets of Entença and Morales. These conversations have formed the conceptual foundations of the works created by: Katerina Ashche in collaboration with Alexia Medici, Lucy Costelloe, Netai Halup, Marc Larré, Lola Lasurt and Rachel Quaday. The invited artworks of Metromuster and Elena Calle in collaboration with Laura Nuñez complete the exhibition.

The works are presented in situ, and invite the viewer to walk along the Passatge de Piera, enter inside a house that had already been bricked up and reopened specifically for this event; and experience the space where la Colònia Castells or, as the inhabitants called it, “el pueblito” was located.

The artists have known the neighbours and participants in this project, and after listening to their stories and enriching them with research, they have ben used as a conceptual basis for their creation, forming a link between the work and the personal, social and historical environment.

The exhibition invites the visitors to look back and understand the factors that contributed to forming this neighbourhood identity, and to contemplate the value of a place that goes unnoticed to too many people; to look to the future and reflect upon it in a positive and active way.

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