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Ceramics Exhibition “Convoy”, El Torn Barcelona Ceramics Hub, Barcelona

Ceramics Exhibition “Convoy”, El Torn Barcelona Ceramics Hub, Barcelona

I have been invited to take part in what is now my first ceramics exhibition called “Convoy”, at the El Torn Barcelona Ceramics Hub, Barcelona on the 18th July. The aim was to create a vinigarette set (oil, vinegar, salt and pepper) and represent them in a creative way. This was what I presented. Considering that I am quite new to ceramics, I am quite happy with the result.


This is the photo sent to me by the organizers ;)

Photo 18-07-2014 18 33 43



As mentioned in a previous post I was selected to take part in the See | Me booth of the Scope art fair, in Miami Beach, Florida. Obviously this is very exciting and I’m super thrilled to be part of such a show!! (More about Scope). Unfortunately it seems that this time I won’t be getting any photos of my work at the show, but looking at some of the work there is enough to keep me happy :)

BELOW:  The See | Me team with Marina Abramović!!!!


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Inauguration Photos: CREATIVES RISING 2013, New York

Inauguration Photos: CREATIVES RISING 2013, New York









Thank you, Ambika Singh ( for documenting the event with these great photos.

“What a night for an international gathering of creativity in Long Island City.

This past Saturday evening over 3,000 creatives, artists, and like-minded trend setters gathered in Long Island City to celebrate a digital display of over 5,000 images of artwork from the online, global See.Me campaign #CreativesRising. The images were projected from the roof of the See.Me gallery into Linc LIC, a new 42-story residential building in Long Island City. It was six hours untouched and unrivaled: possibly the largest digital mapping ever attempted in New York, able to be seen from all corners of the city.

The evening was a celebration of creativity with a series of events taking place in and around the See.Me headquarters in Long Island City.  Viewing took place across from Linc LIC, at “The Rockrose Lot” with an assortment of LIC foodies and name New York restaurants selling goodies all evening. The viewing and evening as a whole could not have happened without the generosity of Rockrose Development Corp., an amazing supporter of the arts in New York.

See.Me also opened the doors of it’s gallery, located at 26-19 Jackson Avenue, for up-close viewing of the #creativesrising campaign and live music throughout the evening. Directly next door at 26-15 Jackson Avenue See.Me, in partnership with Contaminate NYC, See.Me presented “The Seeds that Release” by Taxiplasm and Joseph Grazi: an interactive installation where two figures are bound together, enshrined by a dome of web. Audience members were invited to play God to the situation and sever their ties over the course of four hours, evolving the space from an art installation into an all night after-party headlined by DJ Nutritious of Spin Spin NYC.”


See.Me in the Press



A selection of my photos have been selected be a part of a special international exhibition See | Me are producing this summer titled “The Story of the Creative” in New York!

I have been invited to exhibit up to three images of my work within the newly installed digital exhibition room of the See | Me Exhibition Space in New York City.
The show opens on Thursday, July 25h and will run through the Tuesday September 10th.

See | Exhibition Space
26-19 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

The photos the judges have chosen are the following:




See.Me in the Press




My photo entitled A Dance for the Future, from the A Dance in the Dark series was selected to form part of the following exhibition:

“An exhibit in Celebration of International Women’s Month, March. Representing and connecting women from around the world from all backgrounds and cultures, working in all areas of life who share the same passion, photography.

The exhibit is sponsored by Women In Focus, a women’s photography Group in Atlanta, Georgia. Curator is Gittel Chase Price, President of Women In Focus and Founder of the Women In Photography LinkedIn Group of more then 29,000 women from all parts of the globe. (Those images denoted with an * are in the top twenty chosen.)”

For more information please click on the following women in photography competition



21 – 24 February 2013
ART – 17th International Fair for Contemporary Art

Over 70 exhibitors from all over Europe will take part at the 17th ART Innsbruck, which will take place from 21st to 24th February 2013 in Innsbruck‘s fair hall D and E. In terms of content, the focus lies on fine art of the 20th and 21st century: a prime importance on painting, next to works on paper, original graphics, installations and sculptures, photography and new media. Whereas the traditional huge special exhibition of the ART Innsbruck will highlight the interface of art and design, for which ART-directress could oblige again gallery owner Clemens Rhomberg as curator.

For further information please contact:
ART Kunstmesse GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 3-5, 6020 Innsbruck
phone +43(0)512 567101, fax: +43(0)512 567233,,

Duration: 21 to 24 February 2013
Location: Innsbruck, Messehalle (fair hall) D + E
Opening hours: Thu – Sat 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Sun 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.





If you are in Arles, South of France this week I’d suggest you visit the Galerie Huit and enjoy the Arles Photography Open Salon 2012. The exhibition dates are from the 02 Jul – 23 Sept 2012 with the vernissage taking place tonight (04 Jul 2012).

My work from the series A Dance in the Dark will be screened this week between the 02 – 08 Jul 2012.

Galerie Huit, 8 rue de la Calade, Arles, France

Google map / Street View



Exhibited at Can Manyé Gallery, Alella
Projecte Alella: Discarded Shoes – Buy / Preview the book

Español / Català

For this new project, I collected used and worn out shoes from the Alella community. The shoes were lit up from the interior and then be exhibited at Can Manyé in the wine village of Alella (Catalunya) from the 6th of May.

Why shoes?…..Shoes are personal; we choose them to join us in our life experiences, travels and work. We might love them and wear them to shreds or might turn cold and give them away after being used just once. It would be interesting to see the spectrum of shoes used in a wine making interior village in comparison to another potential exhibition using unwanted shoes from the city.

Some of the people behind the shoes

This morning I went to Alella to collect shoes from some of the people living there who were kind enough to give me their discarded shoes and enjoy a chat in the sun whilst doing so.. below are some of my favourite shoe givers: a lovely group of gentlemen who made my day!! They call themselves La Moncloa as they are always on the same benches at the park discussing life and politics.. the shoes they gave me were either theirs or belonged to their families and grandchildren..


Also, whilst setting up the exhibition, the crew from Maresme TV filmed us whilst preparing the exhibition

Alella Project and Discarded Shoes on Catalan TV!
Whilst setting up the Alella exhibition a couple of us were interviewed by Maresme TV, a local Catalan TV channel for the coast between Barcelona and the Costa Brava (north of Barcelona).

Click on the screenshot below to see the footage and me looking very rough and tired ;-)


What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside the Bin

What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside the Bin

DSCF1011 DSCF1008 DSCF1007

What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside The Bin
Exhibited at: Untitled BCN as part of the “Stairway To..” group exhibition
by: Alexia Medici and Jeni Cumming.

What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside the Bin is the result of collaboration between two developing international artists from different artistic backgrounds; Alexia works in graphic design and works with installation, Jeni is a literature student and works conceptually in a variety of different media. Both are students of Art at Metafora in Barcelona.

The idea of light as protagonist is key to this work wherein electric light shines ´magically´ through a pile of rubbish, and sometimes out of punctures in the rubbish itself, casting cosmos-like patterns inside of an otherwise normal looking waste bin.

The symbol of light and the image of the cosmos are found within the context of generic urban waste (and are also generated artificially). The notion of a character, alluded to in the title of the work, creates a narrative which mirrors the experience of the viewer in the art gallery as they also ´look inside/ take off the lid´ while exploring the contemporary culture of consumerism and environmental waste.