Featured: A Dance in the Dark

see|me comptition insomnia

see|me comptition thumbs

COVER PHOTO: “Insomnia”

“I’m in a state of big changes and this shows especially at night. I cannot sleep, and when I do, my dreams are very vivid and scary. I wake up every morning feeling tired and lost… what’s happening to me? Will I be a bad mother? Why am I running away all the time? Why am I so scared? – And then apparently it’s normal.”

The idea behind A DANCE IN THE DARK series:

Sometimes life takes us places we don’t really want to go to, thoughts we don’t really want to face. But we have to. I took these photos in a period I knew that some things weren’t right, and yet I didn’t believe it yet, I couldn’t. I held on to hope and chance just like one would hold on to a prayer, or a last dance in the dark. In dark contrast to this setting of apparent comfort – my stage, my routine, my life.

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