Conceptual artist and independent curator living in Barcelona since 2006. My work explores the ephemeral space and its interaction with the passage of time. Although using a variety of media, most work is done in installation and photography format.


Artist/curator bio

Alexia Medici (b. 1980, Malta): Barcelona-based artist and independent curator.

My grandfather John Briffa was a gilding decorator who worked on various palazzos and churches around Malta, whilst his brother Joseph Briffa, a prominent figurative artist of the time, also worked in churches, but focused on painting religious scenes on their ceilings and walls.

Commencing my formal artistic studies at the School of Art in Valletta in 1996, I continued my art practice under the mentorship of renowned artists (late) Olaug Vethal, Raymond Pitré and Alfred Briffa in Malta.

Obtaining a Bachelors degree in Communications and Psychology at the University of Malta, I focused on conceptual art at Metàfora Studio Arts Programs between 2010-2011.

After working in graphic and web design since 2001, I took on her current role as coordinator of the contemporary art program at Metàfora in 2015.

Since 2017 I have worked on different curatorial projects as part of the Artist Takeover exhibition series and have recently completed: A Practical Guide to Curating, Fundraising Cultural: financiación para organizaciones y proyectos artísticos, and Socaially Engaged Art Projects: community and participation, all presented by the Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin.

Curator resume:

EINA Print.ed fair 21-22 April

Curated Passatge de Piera: Interpretación de una Transición in an artist book with artists Luis Guerra, Katerina Ashche, Ely Daou, Lucy Costelloe, Zahra Dar, Oriol Texidor, Natalia Toro García and Rebecca Lyne. Released: January (sold out)

Artist Takeover: in the park with Katerina Ashche, Alexia Medici, Natalia Toro García and Rebecca Lyne.


Artist resume:

The Discourse Project installation series in Malta
Curated and participated in Artist Takeover: in the park
with Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416]
MONA biennial: a work of art in one tweet
Artist Residency in Motherhood (2017-2020)
Malta Artist Directory interview published

Bringing up two little children and creating a new series of abstract photographic artworks called A Visual Poem.
On Visual Poesy: a new detail photography project specific to instagram flows

Working on a balance between early motherhood, working as contemporary art program coordinator at Metàfora Studio Arts and having a career in the arts. Starts an artist instagram account.

Second child, Tommy is born.
“Times Square Takeover”, Times Square billboards, New York
“Exposure” See | Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, New York
Photographic competition (runner up), Galería ArtMallorca, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

“SCOPE Art Fair” Miami Beach, USA
“Creatives Rising” See | Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, New York
“The Story of the Creative” See | Me Exhibition Space, New York
“Women in Photography” Atlanta, Georgia, USA

First child, Liza is born.
Photography Open Salon Arles (screening installation), Galerie Huit, Arles, France
Carrousel du Louvre Salon Contemporary Art Fair “Art Shopping Paris”, France
Galería Javer Róman, Malaga, Spain
International Art Fair: Kunstart 2012, Bolzano, Italy
Galería Untitled Bcn, Barcelona

Malta Design Week, Old University Building, Malta
Metàfora Studio Arts Program on-site exhibition, Barcelona
Participation SWAB Art Fair “Postcards”
Can Manyé, Alella
Galería Untitled Bcn Barcelona

Metàfora Studio Arts Program on-site exhibition
Galería Untitled Bcn Barcelona

Gracia Arts Project Barcelona

Christine X Gallery, Malta


Interviews / Press:



  • 2018: Fundraising cultural: financiación para organizaciones y proyectos artísticos con Ana Fernández Osorio, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin
  • 2018: A Practical Guide to Curating with Nora Mayr, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin
  • 2015-2016: El Torn Barcelona (ceramics) – Hand building and painting with Glazes and Engobes
  • 2013-2014: El Torn Barcelona (ceramics) – Wheel Throwing
  • 2012: Escola Davinci, Barcelona
  • 2010-2011: Metàfora Studio Arts Program
  • 2094: Alfred Briffa, Malta – life drawing classes
  • 1998-2002: Oloug Vethal, Malta – mentorship, private classes
  • 1998-2002: B.Communications and Psychology at the University of Malta
  • 1998: Raymond Pitre, Malta – mentorship, private classes
  • 1996-1998: De La Salle College, Malta (under the tutorage of Olaug Vethal) – Art Advanced Level
  • 1996: The School of Art, Valletta, Malta – academic drawing

Alexia Medici reserves copyright on all images and artworks created by her, this includes works that have been sold and/or appear in external publications.