“Bodega Montferry”

This is a story about an apparently uncontrollable reality such as the gentrification of the neighbourhood. Something which, as we will see, is more than just renovating buildings that were previously deteriorated.

Raquel and Marc called me to tell their story and Katerina Ashche (pictured right), told it through five objects that surround us in the Bodega today. @Dush.a drew the scenes/objects. Together they tell the story of the winery (bodega), its people and its surroundings during a period of transition, after which they will be lost forever.

We chose to use coasters because they are typical in a winery, but also because their function erases their artistic content. Little by little the memories will be forgotten and only traces of this place will remain in our memory. In addition, coasters can be collected, echoing our instinct to collect, or save something that is going to be lost.

To conclude, we would like to emphasise that something that a priori might seem ordinary, like this building, has a value that is not only architectural or sentimental, but also, often, communal.

For example, the fate of this winery affects the identity, history and culture of this community, which will now have one less social place to hang around here.


On gentrification

In recent studies it has been shown that removing social, or common areas harms us, adds to our stress and is detrimental to social health, contributing to the increase in the likelihood of antisocial behaviour.

In addition, gentrification strongly impacts the climate crisis: the construction industry generates 38% of pollutants in one year. Destruction for reconstruction.

Like the clock, I do not pretend to time and progress.

However, I would like to invite you to look carefully at your surroundings and be grateful for the few authentic corners that remain within the city. There is no quick and easy solution for gentrification, but an open conversation in search of solutions and alternative, respectful perspectives.


The “Bodega Montferry” will have to close its doors on July 22, 2022. Shortly after, the elderly lady who lives in the apartment above will be evicted, and the building will be demolished in order to build new flats.


Read the article journalist Laura Siles produced for Barcelona’s local television channel and website: https://beteve.cat/economia/sotagots-record-regal-bodega-montferry/

Find the “Bodega”

Old address: Bodega Montferry, carrer de Violant d’Hongria Reina d’Aragó, 105, 08028 Barcelona – New address: Passatge de Serra i Arola, 13, 08028 Barcelona