in the Park

in the Park


In this beautiful public space, four artists have created site specific works made with respect for the habitat and its inhabitants – creating a dialogue between the artwork, the space and the public. This is a ‘pop up’ exhibition so will only be present for a few hours inviting you to see the space in a new light before it will be returned to its original state.

The participating artists

Katerina Ashche
Whilst watching the sky


Katerina Ashche is a Russian artist born in 1977 in Moscow.
Her art is about telling stories to bring the viewer into the world where you never know when the reality ends and the fantasy begins. Katerina believes in the “sensitive” art, her goal is to create a strong emotional link between the art piece and the viewer. She said: “I feel happy about my art when I see that it makes someone smile or cry”. Katerina uses art as a wonderful tool to talk about serious philosophical issues using the imagination.

Alexia Medici
Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416]
Ring shaped mirror on grass


The shape and dimensions of the fountains found around the Parc de la Espanya Industrial form the base for this structure. The structure is covered with mirror thus allows it to “dialogue” with its surroundings.

These mirrors reflect the light, trees, people and the general ambient of the park. They bring what is “up there” to the ground – to the soil, grass and fallen leaves. Depending on the sun’s position, the mirrors either contrast with the earth by reflecting the illuminated sky and sun, or they blend in and become practically invisible, camouflaged in the dark.

Another discourse would be with the geographical location itself. The ring has been cut and assembled onsite to create its shape. The cuts are made to represent longitude and latitude lines. This geographical discourse is reflected in the artwork’s name. The numbers 41.3777, 2.1416 refer to the project’s exact longitude and latitude in the park and the ring includes a marker that marks North.

Rebecca Lyne
“Temporal Observations”
chalk drawings taken from live sketches of people in the park, done on site


My work is based in observing the constant framing and reframing of the individuals face, body and narrative, against the architectural and psychological space we inhabit. I am interested in the character of the observers mark and line, to record passing moments differently to a photograph.

Natalia Toro García
“Memorias de un Parque”
pen, paper and internet


Having architecture as my conceptual starting point, my artistic practice seeks to create a relationship between the urban physical space and its soul: the people.Keeping this in mind, I seek to generate spaces that enable conversation, discussion and the analysis of the places we live in our daily lives. Hence, the format I use depends on the studied subject, and should be as free as the construction of the city, understanding the architect as a guide for that construction and not as an actor who decides for others. This is how my work behaves.



Tuesday 11th July 2017
Location: Parc de la Espanya Industrial, Barcelona (Spain)
Opening Hours: 19:30-21:30