Exterior | Interior

Exterior | Interior is a dialogue between eight locations and their historical narratives. An intervention mediated by art, it is a diverse collection of the intangible and forgotten cultural fibers that make up the Sants and Les Corts neighborhoods. 

The artists interiorize the external narrative of a space, co-creating artworks with a given history, adding yet another layer to its story. In this process of melding space-story-self, the artist opens up a conversation between the present and past. The artwork allows one to gain access to a new place and unknown narrative.

The artworks were originally presented as ephemeral, site-specific installations. Today, the artists present something of the remains of those spaces. A new evolution: what was once external has become internal. An artwork, previously communicating with the environment it was inspired by, now adapts and turns to a dialogue within itself. Within, time is concealed, and the ingrained nature of art is exposed.

Photos: Santi Periel

Discover the artworks:

Sergi Aguilar | Ely Daou | Logan B. Fields | Teresa Gancedo | Marc Larré | Rebecca Lyne | Lizette Nin | Rubén Verdú

A Discourse on Reality

As part of the ongoing exhibition Exterior | Interior at the Fundació Suñol, I got the pleasure to interview artist Teresa Gancedo about her work, her experience exhibiting in the seminal Guggenheim New York exhibition “New Images from Spain” and how her work has evolved since.