the artists


The book is a collaboration of eight local and international artists from various backgrounds and disciplines, each using the same medium; line drawings and strokes on paper, black on white; and free to express themselves through performance, installation or investigative studies, whether it’s using numbers, music or voids to interpret their ideas. Essentially, this book is a means of celebrating a special place during an uncertain moment in time in a language common to all (art).

Each artwork is an original and will be Screen Printed by hand by one of the artists, and signed by each creator. Participating artists were specially selected to contribute based on their diverse skills and disciplines, creating an experimental dimension to this book, with an element of ‘the unknown’ surrounding its final destination – not dissimilar to the journey of Passage de Piera residents today.

Ely DaouKaterina Ashche / Lucy Costelloe  /  Luis GuerraNatalia Toro Garcia
Oriol Texidor  /  Rebecca LyneZahra Dar