Ephemeral: On Mussels & Barnacles II

Ephemeral: On Mussels & Barnacles II

I am unto something, but I don’t know what it is yet.. all I know is that it’s ephemeral.

During my late father’s sickness I worked on a series of painting and ideas called “energies” whereby I tried to express my feeling of having one life form passed on to another, whereby energy does not start, and does not end with death, it evolves into something else… This something else has been very fascinating to me.

During the summer, we traveled to Galicia (Northern Spain) and this amazing marine fauna inspired me .. they touch on my previous investigations of energies and are totally ephemeral – you can only see them when the tide is low.

Playa de Los Catedrales is part of a process that is taking me somewhere new. I still have to work on it and understand where I want to go, all I know is that it is something ephemeral.




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