Ode to a loved soul

Ode to a loved soul

I can feel your energy

My father was my mentor, the one who really shaped my perspective about life, love and all things abstract.

He was also a friend who whom I could debate and learn from life’s many lessons. He’s given me ambition, thought me how to think out of the box and follow my intuition and dreams, no matter what.

He also thought me to know what I want in life, so that if it comes across my path, I will recognize it.
I miss him deeply, but I also know that he is always with me, sometimes by my side, and at other times checking on me and my family from far away. These photos represent just this. The energies of a loved one close by, felt by my soul, yet invisible to my eyes.

I know you're here
“I know you’re here”

I know you're there
Warmth “Warmth”

The second year of my father’s passing away is fast approaching. This is bringing a whole new set on unknown emotions to the surface which I am trying to process. Am I feeling melancholic? Am I at peace with his death? I know that I miss him and try to fit his presence in my everyday life, however I still catch myself crying every now and again, especially if I come across a photo of his that I hadn’t seen before, or if a movie or a story reminds me of him, his greatness or his sickness. Will this ever heal? Do I want it to? Will I forget him? This thought terrifies me….