Exhibited at Can Manyé Gallery, Alella
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For this new project, I collected used and worn out shoes from the Alella community. The shoes were lit up from the interior and then be exhibited at Can Manyé in the wine village of Alella (Catalunya) from the 6th of May.

Why shoes?…..Shoes are personal; we choose them to join us in our life experiences, travels and work. We might love them and wear them to shreds or might turn cold and give them away after being used just once. It would be interesting to see the spectrum of shoes used in a wine making interior village in comparison to another potential exhibition using unwanted shoes from the city.

Some of the people behind the shoes

This morning I went to Alella to collect shoes from some of the people living there who were kind enough to give me their discarded shoes and enjoy a chat in the sun whilst doing so.. below are some of my favourite shoe givers: a lovely group of gentlemen who made my day!! They call themselves La Moncloa as they are always on the same benches at the park discussing life and politics.. the shoes they gave me were either theirs or belonged to their families and grandchildren..


Also, whilst setting up the exhibition, the crew from Maresme TV filmed us whilst preparing the exhibition

Alella Project and Discarded Shoes on Catalan TV!
Whilst setting up the Alella exhibition a couple of us were interviewed by Maresme TV, a local Catalan TV channel for the coast between Barcelona and the Costa Brava (north of Barcelona).

Click on the screenshot below to see the footage and me looking very rough and tired ;-)