What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside the Bin

What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside the Bin

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What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside The Bin
Exhibited at: Untitled BCN as part of the “Stairway To..” group exhibition
by: Alexia Medici and Jeni Cumming.

What Juan Saw When He Looked Inside the Bin is the result of collaboration between two developing international artists from different artistic backgrounds; Alexia works in graphic design and works with installation, Jeni is a literature student and works conceptually in a variety of different media. Both are students of Art at Metafora in Barcelona.

The idea of light as protagonist is key to this work wherein electric light shines ´magically´ through a pile of rubbish, and sometimes out of punctures in the rubbish itself, casting cosmos-like patterns inside of an otherwise normal looking waste bin.

The symbol of light and the image of the cosmos are found within the context of generic urban waste (and are also generated artificially). The notion of a character, alluded to in the title of the work, creates a narrative which mirrors the experience of the viewer in the art gallery as they also ´look inside/ take off the lid´ while exploring the contemporary culture of consumerism and environmental waste.