Xardíns de Mosquera Pérez

Xardíns de Mosquera Pérez

As you might remember last year on the 27th July, my darling father had passed away. Three months later my beautiful son, Tommy, was born.

I had made one post to welcome and introduce him and then went quiet, for a very long time.

Even though I haven’t totally made peace with my father’s death, this time has allowed me to assimilate what has happened, grow and appreciate all the good things that have been given to me. Mainly my family, dearest friends, health, and of course Art. 

I have thought about Art a lot during this period, but produced practically nothing, until my father’s birthday on the 15th August.

Whilst visiting friends in Santiago de Campostella, Galicia, I felt totally at peace and took some beautiful photos. 


This is my favourite. The statues, the path, the movement of the trees… They seemed to represent my state of mind at the time being.

In my next posts will show some more photos taken during this trip. I hope you like them :)

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