Alight – the opposite of Darkness

Alight – the opposite of Darkness

In contrast to my post 7/9 MONTHS TO CHANGE, part of A Dance in the Dark series where I took a series of photos of myself seven months pregnant feeling insecure about my future and who I was going to become (or who I was expected to become as a new mother).

I now present Alight, whereby I can now look at those casts and instead of seeing myself in them, I see something that I have moved away from. I now feel as though I’ve awoken from a long sleep. Now with baby having reached her 6 month milestone, my life seems to be much more real, I like it.

To me the darkness referred to uncertaintity about my future.. Therefore the focus on light means stability and puts me in a position where I can look forward to the future and plan for it.

alight-cast away

When I look at these casts now, they seem to look like a peeled skin (kind of like a snake skin) full of cracks and creases and fit into a body that no longer belongs to me. This is my break from that Alexia to the new, stronger and more realised one (alas typing with one hand and trying to distract baby with the other!)

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