Portraits in the Dark: A Portrait of my Father

Portraits in the Dark: A Portrait of my Father

Light allows us to see what is in front of us; darkness allows us to feel the aura of those around us.

Portrait 2013-03-27-21.36

In this set of portraits, I photograph my father in what I believe to be his element.. on his boat.
Portrait 2013-03-27-22.04.03 Portrait 2013-03-27-22.02

Statement for Portraits in the Dark:

Darkness can be perceived as a warm thick blanket which allows us to feel more comfortable and less restrained and self conscious in front of others. It makes us feel anonymous and personal, which in turn makes us more akin to those viewing than when we wear our daytime mask and consciously try to appear more alike to those around us. This soul, or aura is what I am trying to project in my ‘Portraits in the Dark’ series; i.e. the essence of those in front of me.