The Discourse Project

Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416] is a mirror covered ring with the same shape and dimensions as the fountains in the lake of the Parc d’Espanya Industrial in Barcelona. The art installation was originally created for the ephemeral and site specific onsite exhibition I curated in July this year.

After the event, I decided to create a journey through various space- and time-specific locations and create a ‘spin off’ series: The Discourse Project

Although the artwork is the same, it’s installation in each location makes it site specific. This can be seen in the title given to each installation, such as Discourse [14.4446, 35.9148]. The numbers in the artwork’s title refer to the project’s longitude and latitude. Therefore these digits vary from location to location, just as it’s interaction is particular to these varied space and time conditions. At the end, there is one constant: the ring includes a marker and it always points North.

The ring installation is covered with mirrors. This mirrored surface brings what is “up there” to the ground. They reflect what’s above and contrast it with the ground below.
An uncontrolled and totally site specific phenomenon is the Discourse between the installation and the low lying sun rays coming through depending on the time of the day. This interaction creates a glow of light on the ground furthering the ring’s communication with this site.

“Bereavement” – Father & Daughter in black&white

My darling father has just passed away from a long sickness and as I find myself missing him immensely, I look at the relationship of my own daughter with her father with new eyes. The photos are in black and white to suggest this melancholy that I am feeling…. It’s just a moment in our everyday lives, however to me, at the moment everything is related to my dearest father. These are dedicated to you sweetheart xxxx

liza 17-08-2014 10 16 36

father&daughter 17-08-2014 10 19 21 (1)

father&daughter 17-08-2014 10 20 08 (1)

Portraits in the Dark: A Portrait of my Daughter & Volvo P1800E

I’m going to have to sell my beautiful vintage Volvo P1800E and as a farewell I took a session of Portraits in the Dark with Liza on the driving seat (and my mother babysitting!).  I love the contrast between old and new, movement and stability.

portrait-of-liza01 portrait-of-liza02 portrait-of-liza03 portrait-of-liza04 portrait-of-liza05 portrait-of-liza06

Portraits in the Dark: A Portrait of my Father

Light allows us to see what is in front of us; darkness allows us to feel the aura of those around us.

Portrait 2013-03-27-21.36

In this set of portraits, I photograph my father in what I believe to be his element.. on his boat.
Portrait 2013-03-27-22.04.03 Portrait 2013-03-27-22.02

Statement for Portraits in the Dark:

Darkness can be perceived as a warm thick blanket which allows us to feel more comfortable and less restrained and self conscious in front of others. It makes us feel anonymous and personal, which in turn makes us more akin to those viewing than when we wear our daytime mask and consciously try to appear more alike to those around us. This soul, or aura is what I am trying to project in my ‘Portraits in the Dark’ series; i.e. the essence of those in front of me.

Just Madrid: Contemporary art fair

As mentioned in last week’s post, last week I went to Madrid, Spain’s capital to visit contemporary art fairs Art Madrid and Just Madrid… This post shows my favorites from Just Madrid, which I consider to be a younger, more alternative fair to Arco and Art Madrid.




















Art Madrid: Contemporary art fair

This week I went to Madrid, Spain’s capital to visiting upcoming contemporary art fairs Art Madrid and Just Madrid…

This post shows my favorites from Art Madrid, where many of my favourite artists were represented by Galería Tres Punts in Barcelona… Such as Samuel Salcedo, who’s works are often shown in my blog… Enjoy ;)

samuel-salcedo3 samuel-salcedo2 samuel-salcedo raquel-de-prada2 raquel-de-prada manuel-mediavilla5 manuel-mediavilla4 manuel-mediavilla3 manuel-mediavilla2 manuel-mediavilla  manolo-oyonarte2 manolo-oyonarte malinsky malinsky-group leticia-elgueroso jose-ramon-lozano jose-cobo2 jose-cobo heli-garcia gustavo-diaz-sosa2 gustavo-diaz-sosa2-detail gustavo-diaz-sosa-group gustavo-diaz-sosa-detail gomez-chao gomez-chao-detail eduardo-sanz chilida cantabella2 cantabella 2013-02-14 13.32.59 2013-02-14 13.29.49 2013-02-14 13.28.02 2013-02-14 13.27.50  2013-02-14 13.03.58 2013-02-14 12.39.56 2013-02-14 12.29.45 2013-02-14 12.28.20 2013-02-14 12.28.10

A Prayer for the Future

Sometimes life takes us places we don’t really want to go to, thoughts we don’t really want to face. But we have to. I took these photos in a period I knew that some things weren’t right, and yet I didn’t believe it yet, I couldn’t. I held on to hope and chance just like one would hold on to a prayer, or a last dance in the dark. In dark contrast to this setting of apparent comfort – my stage, my routine, my life.