Conclusion – New Life

Conclusion – New Life

First I was melancholic, then I was sad, then I found some way to express myself. I was baffled as I didn’t understand what I was up to. I called the pieces Untitled and moved on. Making the pieces made me feel in tune with myself and I got inspired and my energy came back. I thought about my father lots and sometimes got melancholic again, but not for long. Most of it had passed. Then I realized that the anniversary of my father’s death was approaching and this is what had probably triggered off these experiences. Now I understand and accept giving me a sense of peace. After Coming out of the Dark, I can now conclude with Conclusion – New Life. It does not cut off from my previous experiences but it is a coming together and closing the circle thus starting a new chapter.

new life warm


In my visual language, darkness is not something to be scared about, or something to stay away from. Darkness can be comforting, it is an unknown, but a comfortable or even friendly unknown and this is shown in the warm and rich hues it which it is embedded.

The second year of my father’s passing away is fast approaching. This is bringing a whole new set on unknown emotions to the surface which I am trying to process. Am I feeling melancholic? Am I at peace with his death? Will this ever heal? Do I want it to?

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