On Inspiration (series)

On Inspiration (series)

Inspiration I: a Balloon of Gold Dust, Perfume and Glitter

This has probably been my best week in a very long time… I had a lovely catch up with fellow artist / personal inspiration Rebecca Lyne, then had another great talk with another amazing artist Ely Daou and finished off the week by going to Swab, Barcelona’s internacional contemporary art fair.

After speaking to Ely I explained that I felt inspired like a balloon full of gold dust, perfume and glitter. This feeling stayed with me all weekend and now I’ve got something to show…

Inspiration II: Opulent, Musty and Magical

I have decided to make a three part series on this theme with this piece being the second.
The colours used are meant to represent the richness, sensuality and intimacy one feels when feeling inspired. There’s a whole universe spreading out from the seed of one ephemeral, fertile and opulent thought.


Inspiration III: The Butterflies Within

This is the final photo from the Inspiration series of photos. It’s called The Butterflies Within which is self explanatory really. I just hope to keep the inspiration on fire for as long as possible to fuel my many upcoming personal and artistic projects :)

Synonyms: animated, aroused, eager, enthusiastic, excited, impassioned, juiced up, passionate, stirred up, excited, aroused, awakened, beside oneself, charged, delighted, feverish, fired up, high, inspired, juiced up, keyed up, moved, on fire, passionate, pumped, stimulated.


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