“Bereavement” – Father & Daughter in black&white

“Bereavement” – Father & Daughter in black&white

My darling father has just passed away from a long sickness and as I find myself missing him immensely, I look at the relationship of my own daughter with her father with new eyes. The photos are in black and white to suggest this melancholy that I am feeling…. It’s just a moment in our everyday lives, however to me, at the moment everything is related to my dearest father. These are dedicated to you sweetheart xxxx

liza 17-08-2014 10 16 36

father&daughter 17-08-2014 10 19 21 (1)

father&daughter 17-08-2014 10 20 08 (1)

One thought on ““Bereavement” – Father & Daughter in black&white

  1. Oh! I am so sorry….

    Did not know your father was ill….

    I send you a big hug.


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