“Bereavement” – Father & Daughter in black&white

My darling father has just passed away from a long sickness and as I find myself missing him immensely, I look at the relationship of my own daughter with her father with new eyes. The photos are in black and white to suggest this melancholy that I am feeling…. It’s just a moment in our everyday lives, however to me, at the moment everything is related to my dearest father. These are dedicated to you sweetheart xxxx

liza 17-08-2014 10 16 36

father&daughter 17-08-2014 10 19 21 (1)

father&daughter 17-08-2014 10 20 08 (1)

Whilst He Was Sleeping

A set of introspective self portraits depicting the loneliness and doubt associated with the artist’s struggle
to make the decision.. Light versus dark, stability versus the unknown,
reason versus the emotional and intuitive.