The Discourse Project

Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416] is a mirror covered ring with the same shape and dimensions as the fountains in the lake of the Parc d’Espanya Industrial in Barcelona. The art installation was originally created for the ephemeral and site specific onsite exhibition I curated in July this year.

After the event, I decided to create a journey through various space- and time-specific locations and create a ‘spin off’ series: The Discourse Project

Although the artwork is the same, it’s installation in each location makes it site specific. This can be seen in the title given to each installation, such as Discourse [14.4446, 35.9148]. The numbers in the artwork’s title refer to the project’s longitude and latitude. Therefore these digits vary from location to location, just as it’s interaction is particular to these varied space and time conditions. At the end, there is one constant: the ring includes a marker and it always points North.

The ring installation is covered with mirrors. This mirrored surface brings what is “up there” to the ground. They reflect what’s above and contrast it with the ground below.
An uncontrolled and totally site specific phenomenon is the Discourse between the installation and the low lying sun rays coming through depending on the time of the day. This interaction creates a glow of light on the ground furthering the ring’s communication with this site.

On the Rocks

Last weekend, we spent a relaxed weekend with friends (and kids) in a beautiful masia on the outskirts of Llagostera. Sent the kids up to their huge room for a pyjama party and the adults finally got some time to ourselves. Whilst we chatted and debated, I sometimes stopped and just looked around. And then started taking these photographs of people’s drinks. I loved the mood they set, I hope you like them.


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the Universe Within


Pause. Feel connected. Reach out.

I’ve been feeling grounded recently. It feels good. It feels natural. I feel more aware of myself, my faults, other people’s faults. It’s ok. With perspective it’s understandable. From a distance it’s not painful. It’s the way we are wired. It’s ok.

I was eating a tangerine whilst speaking to my daughter. I like the stem, it looks like roots. The tangerine peel then evolved to this.. This is where I am just now.


Meditation. Inspiration. Self.

A few days ago I had a couple of hours to myself, free from kids, free from obligations. I didn’t have to react to anything, I could act on whatever I wanted.

I took a long hot shower, listened to Chopin and just relaxed. I wanted to save this moment, so I took a photo of myself just out of the shower in a bathroom steaming with ideas. A portrait to help ground me in future situations.

In the end, the photo I presented looks like this…

The Rain

I love it when it rains.

Outside, all sounds are muted, all looks grey, everybody seems to be dressed in black.

Inside, I’m floating inside my little bubble. I can smell the rain, feel the rain, I am the rain. I am melancholic, I’m grey, no masks on, I’m clean, I’m alive.

The rain leaves, the kids wake up, people wear colour, the city is noisy. All I have left are little, beautiful drops of what was. My delicate bubble, a diamond.


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