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Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416]

Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416]

Ring shaped mirror on grass The idea behind this installation was born with my fascination with the circular unused fountains found in the lake at the Parc d’Espanya Industrial. This ring was adopted as a base for my own structure using the same dimensions of the fountain itself. The structure was then covered with mirror … Continue reading Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416]

Sabates rebutjades

  For this new project, I collected used and worn out shoes from the Alella community. The shoes were lit up from the interior and then be exhibited at Can Manyé in the wine village of Alella (Catalunya) from the 6th of May. Why shoes?.....Shoes are personal; we choose them to join us in our … Continue reading Sabates rebutjades

Light installation: Universe in a bin

My first ever light project.. this is where it all begins :-) This project is a joint effort between me (Alexia Medici) and Scottish artist Jeni Cumming (rhizomes and joy) We intend to continue working on this project.. so watch this space!