The Discourse Project

Discourse [41.3777, 2.1416] is a mirror covered ring with the same shape and dimensions as the fountains in the lake of the Parc d’Espanya Industrial in Barcelona. The art installation was originally created for the ephemeral and site specific onsite exhibition I curated in July this year.

After the event, I decided to create a journey through various space- and time-specific locations and create a ‘spin off’ series: The Discourse Project

Although the artwork is the same, it’s installation in each location makes it site specific. This can be seen in the title given to each installation, such as Discourse [14.4446, 35.9148]. The numbers in the artwork’s title refer to the project’s longitude and latitude. Therefore these digits vary from location to location, just as it’s interaction is particular to these varied space and time conditions. At the end, there is one constant: the ring includes a marker and it always points North.

The ring installation is covered with mirrors. This mirrored surface brings what is “up there” to the ground. They reflect what’s above and contrast it with the ground below.
An uncontrolled and totally site specific phenomenon is the Discourse between the installation and the low lying sun rays coming through depending on the time of the day. This interaction creates a glow of light on the ground furthering the ring’s communication with this site.


The last photos of the Sea from this long visit to the beautiful island of Malta.. As you have surely noticed I was very inspired during this trip… Hope you enjoyed these photos and I’m already looking forward to my next visit in May :)

The following are two photos from last post in black and white.. Brings out a totally different feeling to the seascape..




Similarities: Grandparents, siblings and son from Malta / Rochester, Minnesota

A MALTESE FAMILY: Grandparents, siblings and son
A study on the facial likenesses passed on through generations, notwithstanding age and gender.

In continuation with the SIMILARITIES series, I investigate methods to show physical alikeness between faces in a simple and visual way.

Grandmother and Mother

Grandmother and Mother smiling

Brother and Sister

Mother and Son I

Mother and Son II

Smiling Grandmother, Grandfather, Brother and Sister

NB: the photos themselves have not been edited on photoshop, I have just made the layers transparent so as to better see the similarities between relatives. These photos were sent to me from the models via email.

Self Portrait II

I’ve recently been requested to paint a self portrait to be presented in my home country, Malta. I do not usually paint self portraits, so this is a new type of project for me and I’m not sure on the best way to go ahead.. so I’ve decided to prepare various options and send the one I think works best.

This is my second trial.

Self Portrait II
Mixed Media on Paper
30cm x 42cm